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OK, I'm all confused now. Temperatures are back near normal again, although I do think a 1C change since updating to the 1303 BIOS revision is strange (core temp = ~44-45C ).

I've changed nothing, but I did notice while I was rummaging around in the BIOS that the VCore is 1.481V. I remember having read that the "stock" voltage for this cpu is 1.35V and it's range is 0.875-1.5V, hmm, . I manually set the voltage starting at 1.2V and raised it in 0.025 increments until I was stable. After about a dozen BSOD and 3 "I think it's stable now" then a BSOD, I just set the voltage back to "AUTO" in the BIOS. I'm gonna need a few beers after this .

Ambient is currently 25C (77F) and slowly rising thanks to my big space heater sitting next to me. I think I am still going to reseat the heatsink after I am done here, idk, maybe I can talk the wife into letting me buy a Megahalems "kit". The blue LED fan is just to replace the 33cfm I have running right now and get more air flow with a wonderful 72cfm SilenX.


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Overclock.net › Member Blogs › Confusion