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Connecting Two NZXT HUE up to one

I just recently bought the NZXT HUE, but it acted weird, so i wrote the company i bought the unit from, and they send me a new unit the next day. So now i had two units. so i thought, hmm, maybe i can connect both of the LED Strips up to the same unit, and have double the amount of lights.

The NZXT HUE LED Strip has inputs on both ends, so what i figured was that i could just connect one end of the first LED strip to the other end of the next LED strip. I used an old needle that i knew would fit in the end, and cut 4 pieces.

Make sure to connect the + to the +, the R to the R, and so on, otherwise the strip is gonna act weird.

And here is the result. Can run around 2½ times around in my Define R4

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mmmm, loverly.
Very nice... I can't wait to actually buy mine and get it in... If I was you, I'd try to move the 2nd set to the back and create a shadowbox kind of feel.

Props to NZXT on the customer support.
I'm diggin it. Good job!
Nice. For some reason I thought they were built to plug into another in a chain. That seems like logical to me. Good work.
Awesome. Will do the same to mine. Thx.
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