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Continue Of Above

Nits that I will pick.

The USB 3 Cables, I KNOW I KNOW, they don't have MB with internal connection ports on them, but REALLY this is the same type of connection that was in those $10 cases you used to buy from company X, the USB cable that you are meant to put out the back of your case to plug into the IO headers in the back, that take up the USB spaces (not really offering you MORE USB's they just moved them to the front.) I REALLY HOPE that Cooler master will offer an upgraded cable or board from the front panel of the HAF-X that will have the internal headers on it, so that I can just throw those ugly things out eventually.

on the bright side, CM did package a cable that has USB on one end and USB headers on the other, to connect to the front panel, enabling you to use USB2.0 for the front USB 3.0 ports. BUT THAT DOESN"T save you hear CM, it made me Toast a drink to you for thinking of me, but I am STILL angry (maybe)

Next Nit.

HDD BAYS!!!!!!!!! Dei I wish I had a camera. there is a bar (I will try to post pictures later) that offers rigidity in the case, that runs across the HDD section. which once you connect the drives up to power and SATA, is DIRECTLY, and I mean RIGHT in the way. you offer us easy access to remove and swap HDD's out of our case, and then you F us in the A by installing a bar so that our case doesn't fall apart. I mean (drink) COME ON... I want my case to fall apart, I just want to be able to pull ONE HDD out at a time, without having to take the back of the case off to unplug them (drink). I swear I will post pictures because this rant isnt' doing my frustration justice. (I suppose I could use my Lappy to take pictures.. UGGGG that will be so Difficult, Better make sure to stay sober for that.)

Nit number three.... Cooler Master, YOU send us Cool little plastic brackets and holding devices for our system, thinking of us.. THUMBS UP for that (drink, toast). So I go to put one in, you know the one that supports those stupidly huge VC's we like to buy.

WOOT no more abnormal pressure on my MB from it. Wait this is Quite large, will........ (can you Untoast someone? do I have to puke the drin.......oh DEI!!.... NAAAAhhhhhh)

so what... if I want support for my VC, with your ingenuous bracket I can't have your ingenious side fan shroud???? you should put the to ingenious people that made either of those devices in the same room, and maybe they could come up with a simply genius way around this issue.
Also, that nice plastic bracket that goes over the end of the VC to blow air on it (at the front of the case) Way to make that fit, I didn't even try to break their "one part fits all configurations" and the first thing I noticed is that I would have to change things to get it to fit.

So back in the box with all YALL!, why does CM even ship this Crap, coulda saved myself $40 bucks.
the bracket that goes in the bottom of the case (over/beside the PSU) was pretty good, but I could see Very easily that it will not fit a Lot of setups, so again, just don't Ship them, or redesign.

admittedly these are small nits, having to remove a back panel to remove HDD's I have been doing that my whole life, was just hoping the CM could solve the problem, Valiant try , but FAIL. And really shipping EXTRA stuff in the box that is admittedly useless, I can't fault CM for that, better than not shipping something that you need. So my biggest issue remains those stupid USB3.0 cables but lets face it USB3.0 doesn't even really exist at this point, so for a first kick at the cat, you can't fault CM for running off with it's nose up, after whipping out a simple Hanky can you?

Well More to follow, when my HAF-X case comes in I will do a proper unboxing, and video/pics of the installation and everything, just need to find a new cam. (I will post pics of why for that as well)

Visio Dei out.


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