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Cooling My Eah4890

OK, I've calmed down some now. I've managed to get my OC on this guy back up to 940/1140 @ 1.4V with no noticeable problems atm. Friday, I went ahead and ordered some more parts, mostly for cooling this heater down.

I've got a Thermalright T-Rad2 GTX & VRM-R2 coming from SVC.com and some Arctic Cooling MX-3 that has already arrived from Petra's Tech Shop. I also went ahead and ordered 2 Blue LED 110cfm CoolerMaster fans ($5 a pop, ), 2 80x25mm high volume fans (80cfm @ $2 each, ) from SVC.com, they were having a sale on them, and and a Ultra Kaze 1000rpm from Petra's Tech Shop that I plan on converting into a shroud for my Panaflo on Megatron.

So the plan atm is to replace both the SilenX 120x25mm "72cfm" fans (one had the fan assembly just fall out , lucky me) with both the CoolerMaster LED fans, remount Megatron with the MX-3, and install the new air cooling "kit" on my EAH4890.

I believe that a lot of my artifacting problems have been heat related since I have observed the issues start as temperatures approached and exceeded 75C. Even at 100% fan speed, it just wouldn't keep cool enough. I know that running a stress test would generate heat, but the max dT is over 100C for this gpu, so the VRMs may also be at fault.

Personally I don't like using thermal adhesives since they limit your updatability later on, but I'll make an exception for the heatsinks that are to be attached to the RAM on the EAH4890 (thermal adhesive tape I think).

I'll be doing a log of my progress via a post I started a couple of days ago in the ATi cooling section. Admittedly, the cpu is included in that post, so I think I'll link it to the Air Cooling section as well.

This morning (yes, I work nights), I'll start a couple of stress tests (30-60 min) to get the heat up on both the cpu & graphics and THIS TIME I'll remember to take screens of everything.


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