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Couldnt Be Better

...Aside from the hard drive crap at the moment that is... Otherwise, life is grand!

Compared to last year, this year at college I actually have not just 1 new friend but about 30-50 new friends. Not just people that say they are, but people I know I can trust. It's amazing how many awesome people are around and I'm glad I found my bunch. More specifically they are all into anime, manga, gaming, yugioh, and just overall hanging out and having fun. Already had tons of crazy road adventures with my smaller circle of friends from this bunch filled with tons of entertainment. I'm loving it.

Having a fairly succesful turnout with me as the president of Anime Club at my college this year and I'm glad to say so!

Already held our own Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournaments (Yes, thats right tons of people actually still play at my college! It surprised me so I dug out my old cards and bought a few bucks of new ones :3), enjoying and discussing the varieties of Anime and Manga that the members are bringing in...

And then to top all that off, the halloween party we are holding and Zenkaikon is coming up fast!

It should be fantastic. The halloween party is a costume party and since we're going both days to the 2day Zenkaikon anime convention on November 7th & 8th most people will probably use the same costume for 'em.

Sometimes things get slow, but as long as the members are happy thats whats important ^_^

Will probably post pictures of Zenkaikon and things there as it will be my first Anime Convention if you don't count the suncoast instore events My Bankai Ichigo Kurosaki w/ Hollow Mask costume is also almost complete as well.

I think... this is my time... to finally shine with my friends Goodbyeeee lonely days helloooooo friends!


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