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Craigslist Goodwill Buy And Sell

Bought - Western Digital 1TB- $85 (Sold for $100 to Robert)
Sold Microsoft XBox with 10 games,14 inch TV and warranty-$50
Linksys Router for Cable/DSL -$15
Ruby Red iMac G3 - $50
Ipod Touch 2nd Gen,8 gig with Warranty - $170
Dell XPS 420 - Sold for $450 for Craig
Bought Intel e7200-$65, sold for $70
Bought Pentium e2160-$35
Apple PowerMac G4 with 17'studio display - $150
RCA 1080p HDMI DVD player - $25
Cricket Motorola Q-$70
Alienware Computer-$300(Used to buy Dell Mini 9)
'NetGear RP114 Wired Router-$10
Total Gym 1700 - $50
'TMobile Sidekick LX' -$40
XBOX for PS2 - $1
VHS/DVD Combo with Big Remote - $25
Server 24-Pin ATX 450W Power Supply - $20

AT&T 3G Samsung A727 ($20)- Gas
i5 750 Computer- ($700)- used towards move
Cricket Kyocera Strobe QWERTY ($25)-Gas
Traded Acer Computer for Samsung Netbook and 100 bucks
Sold Samsung Netbook for $200- (used towards move)
Cheap DVD Player - $10
Resident Evil 0 for the Wii - $15
TMobile Sidekick LX - $50
Samsung White Netbook - $200
2 Bar Stools - $30
Cricket Kyocera Strobe QWERTY - $25
Motorola Comcast Modem - $20
i5 Gaming Computer with monitor - $700

traded i3 combo to Justin for
Celeron 430/Foxxconn 775 motherboard w stock heatsink
Game Chair
NetGear Router
Median Case
2 Optical Drives
3 PSU's
4GB flash drive
2 Pentium 4's(775,478),
LGA775 cooler
Sony Cybershot 5.1 Camera
Apple Mouse

bought Thermaltake case, 2 7300GT's, USB Hub, USB TV Tuner, Athlon 3700, for 40 bucks

traded Celeron 331, Athlon 3700 939 for Athlon Neo 2650e

traded Sempron LE-1250 for Sempron 140

traded Celeron 430/MaTX for- Pentium 6500k

traded Celeron e3300 for Phenom II 910e

sold Geforce GTX 460 768 for $100.
used money to buy
Acer 19'($35)
Samsung F3 1TB($65)

traded Sempron 3000/ Microcenter favor for Sempron 140

sold e6500k for $80- Lost in mail, made up by trading out computer computer's with Chris's Mom.

traded OCZ Vertex, old Thermaltake case for Intel X25 V

sold Athlon II X2 250 for $30 shipped/ Bought another Athlon II X2 210e that didn't unlock
Traded Athlon II X2 210e and 20 bucks for Phenom FX 5000

Traded Wireless B Router for Phenom II Heatpipes HSF
Bought Linksys Wireless G Router/ATT Router-$20
Sony DVD/VHS Player-sold for $25
Video Game Chair-sold for $20
80GB HD-sold for $20
Netgear Wireless G- sold for $20
ATT DSL Wireless Modem- sold for $30
Sold Samsung TMobile Phone-$30 and use money from Netgear Wireless G to buy TMobile G1
Traded broken Verizon phone, Samsung Data Cable to flash Samsng Flip Verizon phone.
Sold Video Game Chair/80GB HD- Used to buy FreeAgent Go 250GB USB drive
Sold Sony DVD/VHS Player for $25- Buy 5550 on sale
Trade Wireless B USB cosmetic adapter for AMD small Cooler
Buy Q6600 for $75- Trade for $75 and a Celeron e3300
Buy Pentium Dual Core e6300 for $25, sell for $41
use $16 profit to buy- 8400GS PCI
Sell Celeron e3300 for $33
Buy Q6600 for $70-Sell for $95
Sell 2 40GB HD's for $10- Buy Tenda Wireless N
for $8 shipped

$25+$33+$2 profit to buy- 2 Retail Sempron 140's for free

fix Christina's laptop for $75- ATI Radeon 3470($18) ,EVGA 9800GT($50), Tenda Wireless N ($7)
sell 2 Gameboy games for $10- buy Belkin Wireless G router and Cable Modem at Goodwill
Sell Memory Duo Pro for $5 bucks-buy guys External Laptop enclosure
Sell Belkin Wireless G for $20- Buy Sparkle 8400gs PCIe, Rosewill 350w PSU
sell Pentium 4 478 for $11 bucks- buy 2 ATI HDMI adapters and 2 Nvidia HDMI adapters

trade white fold down table,small cd/dvd book for -USB Controller, H20 Wireless RAZR phone, Laptop HD enclosure, DVD RAM disk, DVD-RW disk, large CD/DVD book,5 dollar Lenny's Card, Sonic Coupons.

sell USB controller for $8 bucks- buy AirLink Wireless N

Traded Phenom FX 5000 AM2+ for Phenom X3 710 AM3

Trade Sempron 140,20 dollar Steam credit for Phenom X4 9550

Traded Athlon II X2 250 for Phenom 9950BE

bought 9600gso for $37 shipped- traded GSO for Core 2 6750 and 2GB laptop ram.

Trade Samsung F3 1TB for 3 160GB HD's, 1 80GB, 1 BestTech PSU

Trade 512MB ddr2 laptop RAM, 2 PC World magazines for Dell PSU.

Trade Core 2 e6750 for Phenom 9500
Trade Laptop Enclosure with 30GB Hard Drive for -3470 256MB PCIe Dual VGA
Trade 2650e for Phenom II HSF Heatpipes,Intel Wifi stick
Trade 8400GS PCIe for Phenom II HSF Heatpipes
Trade 5550 512 GDDR5 for 3470 512MB HDMI and $20
Sold Arris Cable Modem for $30 and use $20 from 3470 trade to buy 4770(basically got for 5 bucks
Trade Scientific Atlantic Modem,Blackberry for Samsung F3 1TB.

Trade Phenom 9950BE for unlocked Athlon II X3 435

Trade Phenom X3 8650 for another Athlon X3 435

Trade ATI 3450/256 HDMI for 80GB SATA HD and 2GB DDR2.

Trade 5770 for 5550, 50 dollars,New USB tuner

Trade Samsung F3 1TB-2 250GB SATA Hard Drives, 7300GS, DVD Burner.

Trade Sempron X2 2200 for Athlon X2 7550.

Trade Athlon X2 5200( bought for $12, sold for $30) and 40GB Hard Drive(free) for Athlon II X2 215 and Just Cause 2

Trade Athlon II X2 215 and Just Cause 2 for - Phenom 9850 BE with Heatpipes cooler

Buy another 9850BE with Heatpipes for $20

Trade 7300gs for new GT 210 HDMI, sell GT 210 for 30, make 15 profit AR.

Trade 5700LE for $5 (go towards USB 3.0 card)

Trade 20GB IDE Laptop drive for Microsoft Sidewinder Controller.

Trade Biostar A780L($30) for $60 after installation- Buy Q6600

Buy Pentium D for $20, sell for $25 and recieve Celeron D 352 out of Old Man's Emachine

Sell Celeron D 352 out of old man's Emachine($17)-STALKER game pack,Dirt 3

Buy Pentium 4 551 3.2 GHZ and Pentium 4 640 3.2 GHZ for $20

Trade Pentium 4 551 3.2 for Celeron e1200 out of womans computer

Trade Celeron e1200 for Celeron D 352 out of Elvin's computer.

Trade Elvin's Celeron D 352 for Pentium D 915.

sell 1GB of RAM for $15(free) and sell Athlon II X2 4400e free but sold for ($30) for Athlon X3 400e

Trade Pentium 4 640-64 bit, Dell Radeon 3470, Netgear Wireless B for Pentium 4 551 32 bit, Geforce 9500GT 1GB.

sell 9500GT 1GB (cost me $15) for $25

Buy Geforce 9500GT HDMI/512 for $25- Sell for $40, buy OCZ Agility SSD.

August 2011

Sell Linksys Wireless G router that I paid $10 for $20- Buy Asus Wireless N Router

Buy ATT Router for $10, sell for $25

Trade White HTPC case for- Geforce FX 5200 AGP,Belkin 8 port USB hub,Casio Label Maker Machine
Sell Geforce FX 5200 for $10

Trade broken Tmobile G1 FOR
2 DVI to HDMI cables($20)
Apex Converter Box($15)
939 Motherboard($20)
KVM switch($10)
10GB External Hard Drive with Enclosure

Trade 939 motherboard/Athlon 3500 for new Biostar AM3/Nvidia 7025

Trade 5 unopened SATA cables for 939 Athlon 3500+

Trade Corsair H50 Parts/ AMD Retention Plate- 1GB DDR2 RAM.

Trade 1GB DDR2 Ram, Intel Wifi Card for 2GB DDR2

Sell Zotac itx Board/Athlon x2 3600($25)3GB DDR2($10) for $85- Buy
Gigabyte AM3+ 760g for $50,Sempron 130 for $25, Borderlands for Steam, 5 left over.
September 2011

Trade Stalker Bunder Pack, Borderlands for Modern Warfare 2.

Given IBM computer from Rob and Steph

Trade 8GB Flash Drive for 2 X1300's AGP and 1 X300 PCIE
October 2011

Trade new Samsung F4 1.5 GB for 1GB External and $10
Trade new Samsung F4 1.5 GB for 1.5 GB Internal and $20
Trade Pentium D 915 + motherboard,X300,Netbook SSD, case Fans(stuff of $25 value)- 3GB OCZ GOLD DDR3 1333 RAM
Sell 2 ATI Radeon X1300's for $30- Buy New GT 220 1GB
Trade 80GB HD, Wireless B, 256MB 400MHZ DDR for 200GB IDE HD.
Buy Comcast Wireless Modem for $20, sell for $40 (20 profit)
Sell Nissan Sentra for $600
$100 to Opie
$100 for tire and rotation
$200 for favors

Sell 320GB HD for $25
Sell IBM computer for $60
Sell DDR2 2GB RAM for $25
Sell 1st 9500GT($25) for $30
Trade 9500GT($25) and $20 cash for Q8200.


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