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Crucial The Pwnage

^ Times two Muahahaha

This blog entry is basically an update from: http://www.overclock.net/intel-memor...e-crucial.html

I've had one of the best RMA experiences with Crucial, like it topped my list of best customer service (unlike creative, haha i joke, don't flame) experiences.

Well she ended up sending me some 16 chip tracers, BUT i asked for the new revision of RAM (without the clip as they squeeze the heat spreaders off) because I didnt want to take the gamble of having this problem again. But what ended up coming in the mail, ONE FRIGGEN DAY from the US to Quebec, Canada might I add, was some 16 chip old rev. of Tracers with the clips and as you probably already guessed, I got the same problem as before.

I emailed them and it took longer then usual.... Got an email back that I had two options, get some store credit for my RAM, or to try and RMA again but send my old ones first. Out of frustration I put some knowledge onto my RAM, a big arse physics textbook and a chemistry one and out off sheer hate for the design, a 45lb dumbbell and left it overnight. After taking off the books, what do you know, all 4 sticks were good to go!

Emailed them back and they said that with my authorization, we can cancel the RMA or go through with the RMA anyways. So thinking about when I asked her if I could trade my 2gig for 4gig when she said that she didnt have any 1066 16 chip sicks and she said she couldn't as she can only do a 2gig to 2gig trade, I thought that she was giving them to me unofficially, maybe thats why she stopped answering my emails and let someone else do it (why it took longer). LOL maybe I'm wrong but maybe I'm right XD. Maybe there was a reason she shipped my RMA like supa quick and changed carrier and used the slowest method to send me a prepaid shipping to send my old ones back, and how come it says that you need to ship your old RAM back and have it analyzed before they send you a new pair .

So I went ahead and canceled it and asked if there was anything I had to do before we were "done", just to make sure. Well got an email back and she canceled the RMA and I had nothing to do! So I got an extra 2gig for free! To put it in perspective, thats 84 student dollars for free!!! Like 9.8hs of work for free!

IDK but that's pretty sweet and try to deal with Marcie as she's defiantly the coolest CS (customer service) person to deal with, like she's "Kick a$$" like Rodney Reynolds would say.

Anyways, GO CRUCIAL!!!


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