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Crysis Saga Part 2

Having spent quite some time swimming through caverns, flying hellishly uncontrollable VTOLS, running around defending a warship, and then blowing up something bearing striking resemblance to many a Supreme Commander unit, I am still a happy Nomad.

I's becoming clear to me that the script writers at Crytek are fans of the tragic hero - both the good man from Idaho and the Admiral have made the decision to go down with their ship,for one of them literally.

And I really want a guass rifle. Too bad they're not consumer-grade. Yet.

The game - for the first half-ish I've played - has managed to captivate my attention for 8 hours out of the last week; something quite impressive given the schedule I keep. I've never been so pleased with and so unbelievably pissed off at a video game at the same time. Crytek, my hat comes off to you. If the second half is as good as the first I'll have a very enjoyable weekend.


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