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Crysis Warhead Drm

I purchased Crysis Warhead a week ago and have enjoyed the game. However, after moving to my new house, where I didn't have internet access for a couple of days, I was annoyed when I was informed via a message box that Crysis Warhead couldn't be validated.

It appears that the game checks with online servers every so often when you first run the exe to play it, despite already being validated when first installed. I'm just creating this thread as a little record so that anyone else who's confused about the SecreROM DRM used in Crysis Warhead can be imformed.

I must confess that I'm greatly opposed to DRM and don't take kindly to such restrictions on software that I have payed for. Having to resort to decompiling a runtime file, manually editing program code, and then recompileing, just to be able to play a game I legitimately purchased is not the way to encourage customers to buy your software.


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