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Current Setup

A few things have been changed/alterd as far as parts since my last post.

i7 920
Asus P6T Deluxe v2
Cooler: MegaHalems
Mem: 6Gb of XMS3 DDR3-1600
Corsair HX 1000W
VideoCard: in a RMA process : (

I backed out of the RiiE in the end, the more research i did between the two boards the more i realized i will be able to accomplish my goals with the P6T board. The Ai Tweaker Section in the Bios is layed out nicely and easy to find your way around. The Heatsink is the product that im most happy i ended up getting, The Prolimatch Megahalems. I know just about everyone knows of the True 120 heatsink, you usually think of the true when it comes to obese temps. The fact is Megahalems is a great Heatsink and depending on which benchmarks you can find between the true and the Mega its only a 1 to 2 +- each way (some have been lapped and some test dont have the same ambient temps).

As far as my Overclocking experience has been going on this new i7 architecture, its been unreal. I was able to get to 4.0Ghz right out of the box, though it wasnt stable (it was a matter of just changing the Bclk). To get involved in the chip i decided to reach 3.8Ghz with the lowest temps and vcore as possible before i get a stable 4.0Ghz.

Cpu mult=19
QPI PLL Voltage=1.88v
QPI / Dram=1.33v
IOH v=1.10
IOH PCIE v=1.50
ICH v=1.20
ICH PCIE v=1.50
Dram Bus V=1.64

With that setup i was able to run both Prime95 and CPU Stablity for just shy of 48hrs. with tmeps not exceding 68c..Now that i have a rock solid configuration for 3.8 i wanted to get the TurboMode going so i can reach 4.0.

Differences: Changes to accomindate
-Bclk: 190
-CPU mult:20 (for whatever reason i am unable to enable turbo mode when i specify the CPU multiplier, even if i specify 20. Anyone else have that issue)
-Vcore:1.26c +.02v

-As of 1hr into both prime95 and CPU stablity running at the same time, temps have not got above 67c Prime for 4.0Ghz in my eyes and im still under 1.3v.

Anyone looking to build a i7 computer i would highly recommend the P6T Deluxe as well as the Prolimatech MegaHalems Heatsink.

3.8Ghz Stable at 13hrs.


4.0Ghz Stable at 1hr



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