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Currently Playing Update 11 1 2009

Minor changes to the list since last time.

I'm giving up on Oblivion. I wisely finished up the main quest before my Windows 7 upgrade, for fear of problems with the slightly "older" game on the new platform. Turns out those fears had merit, I'm experiencing random mouse-freeze/game-hang issues after no more than a few minutes of play time. Probably not Oblivion's fault per se, but I don't really feel like investigating too deeply...I finished the main quest, logged over 70 hours of play time, and there's not that much more I really wanted to do. So call it a night for Oblivion.

Now here's the sad, sad confession: I started playing Mafia Wars this weekend on Facebook. After months of rejecting "join" requests from family and friends, I finally gave in (partly to see how people are making money off of it, so maybe I can copy their business model somehow!) It's barely a "game" by how I normally judge games, but I have found myself doing this more than "real" games over the weekend; so I think it makes sense to list it. It does contain a lot of the addictive "carrot" features present in good MMOs, it's definitely keeping me coming back. I expect to burn out quickly, but it's still a good time for now.

I haven't played Dead Rising recently, I got almost to the end but missed a deadline, and *poof*, the "true ending" was lost to me. So I was frustrated and put it away. I intend to get back into it today. Rock Band Beatles is still on there for now too, but it's winding down...will probably drop off in the near future.

Updated list:
  • Mafia Wars (Facebook)
  • Halo 3:ODST (X360)
  • Rock Band: Beatles (X360)
  • Dead Rising (X360)


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