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Currently Playing Update 4 20 2010

Hmm...almost three months since I last posted here? And what have I got to show for it?

I'm done with Portal. I did all of the bonus levels and got the "easy" achievements, but they aren't fun enough to want to go back and earn the harder achievements.

Played GTA4:L&D for maybe an hour, haven't touched it since.

Played Mario for maybe three or four hours since January. I think I'm in the middle of world 2.

I got Final Fantasy 13 for Xmas...haven't even put the disc in the Xbox yet, want to finish Dragon Age first. I don't like playing more than one RPG at once.

Basically, the only game I'm really playing at all is Dragon Age:Origins, maybe 30-60 minutes per session three or four times a week. I've just been too busy to do much gaming...spending more time with my son, plus getting ready for the new baby coming in a few months...gaming has kind of taken a back seat of late.

So to be truthful, I have to take everything but Dragon Age off of my currently playing list. I won't bother making a bullet-point list this time, since it's just the one game!


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