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Currently Playing Update 5 7 2009

Time to change the list a little. First, I have to add Guitar Hero: World Tour. Toys R Us had a killer deal a couple weeks back to get both the game and their new guitar for only $50...that's cheaper than the game alone retailed for, and I definitely liked the idea of replacing the crappy GH3 guitar. The new one is definitely better than GH3's, but it still lags behind Rock Band's IMHO. The buttons stick just a hair, but it's enough to mess me up on complicated note patterns. But no worries, Rock Band's guitar works just fine and this is a great second guitar.

I'm going to remove Rock Band from the list for now...between GH:WT and GH:Metallica, that's really all the music games I've got time for right now. I'll come back to Rock Band's Expert drum tour later, but for now it's shelved.

Also shelving Assasin's Creed...it just got boring, so it's gone. Quake Live needs to come off too, I haven't launched it in weeks.

So here's the updated list:
  • Guitar Hero: World Tour (X360)
  • Guitar Hero: Metallica (X360)
  • Mass Effect (X360)
  • Age of Empires: Age of Kings (DS)
Note that there's not a single PC game on the list. Not that I don't have interest, it's just that I've spent the last few weeks of PC time learning how to use Adobe Encore and building my first Blu-Ray disc...no more lowly DVDs for home movies of my kids, I'm full HD now baby! Anyway, it's complex software compared to what I'm used to, so it took quite a while. But I think I've figured it out and will probably add a PC game to the list here soon...I'm thinking either Oblivion or Portal, both of which I kind of skipped over but need to be added to my gaming resume.


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