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Currently Playing Update 9 10 2009

Holy crap, it's been over three months since I updated my gaming list?!? I could have sworn it wasn't that long ago...time flew over the summer I suppose, I must not have done as much gaming as I thought.

I'm still playing Oblivion, but I'm going to take everything else off the list. I finished both Guitar Hero:World Tour and Metallica's guitar mode on Expert, and I'm not sure when or if I'll go back and play any of the other modes. Mass Effect continus to languish in "I'm Not Sure I Care" land, the combat is just off-putting. And Age of Empires is just getting short shrift, not sure why I'm not playing that one anymore...

I've been playing Dead Rising on the X360 for a few weeks. At first I thought it sucked rocks...it's just a hard game with clunky mechanics until you level up a bit and get used to how things work. I'm having more fun with it now, and I'm sure I'll finish it in the next few weeks.

But the big dog now is Rock Band: Beatles. I think I may be done with music games for a while after this one, but no way I'm not playing this one. Heck, I'll even do the vocal mode, and I never do the vocal mode.

So here's the updated list:
  • Elder Scrolls: Oblivion (PC)
  • Rock Band: Beatles (X360)
  • Dead Rising (X360)
For a change, I think I'll talk about some of the games I'll be playing next...

First, Halo ODST drops soon. Not sure if I'll run out and buy a copy, or wait and pur it on my XMas list. The latter makes more sense...

I also still have Marvel Ultimate Alliance, it came with my X360. I liked the Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance games on which this is based, and I like Marvel comics, so I assume I'll like the game.

And I do intend to finish Mass Effect eventually...but probably not until I finish Oblivion, I tend not to play two RPGs at once...too much story to remember.



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