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Custom Antec 1200 Work Log

Hi everybody, I have purchased an Antec 1200 and i am in love with the case. I still believe there are a few things that can modded to make it an out standing case. I am going to be posting my mods and would appreciate any feedback on what you guys think.

Heres my antec 1200 completely ripped apart.

On the top panel of the antec 1200 i am going to drill a hole for the cables to run too the back of the case.

On the backside of the chassis i am going to drill 3 holes down the 5.25" bays so i can route the cables from the fans and hard drives to the back panel.

On the bottom panel of the antec 1200 i will be cutting out a rectangle right below were the PSU sits. Between were the PSU sits and the hard drives i will be cutting 120mm fan hole to improve airflow.

The biggest mod in this project will be creating thermal chambers. I will be chambering the PSU and the hard drives from the rest of the system (the fan hole on the bottom of the chassis will be responsible for taking the air out while the hard drive cage fan will bring air in). The Video Cards will have there own chamber including a dedicated cooling fan and exhaust fan. The Boxes i make to create the chambers will be mesh on the sides but solid aluminum on the top since heat rises. I am going to try to make this chassis as adaptable as it can be, meaning the chambers i create or any modifications i do will be able to support any components i want to put into the chassis. Once i am happy with all of my mods i am going to derivate the chassis and get it sand blasted then powder coated with a clear coat a glossy red. The side panels, PCI covers, PSU plate, and plastic parts are all getting painted a deep automotive black with gloss coats and the paint will be polished to a mirror shine. Its hard to see but in the Antec 1200 pictures i have highlighted the general areas i will be modding with red circles or squares.


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