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Customersupport From Hell Rant Included

Just won't believe this, will give a little background story first to make things clearer.

I have 3 sons, As you can imagine they are all just as nerdy as their dad and since they are accustomed to beeing around pc's when they stay with me (yup devorced) it's no wonder they all own their own pc.
Now my ex wife is what you might call difficult. Fortunately for me my oldest son doesn't care to much about what she wants and draws his own plans as well as my youngest son. Now my middle son is a different story, beeing kind by nature he is probably the only one that listens to his mother when she tells him something.
Now he got to the age where he is going to another school and for that he needed a pc, my oldest son also needed an upgrade to be king at the local lan party, my youngest just needed a pc do play Vice City.

My oldest has a weekend job so he earned enough money get a X4 955 with a 4870 wich i build for him, complete with cable mod etc.
My youngest son simply took my HTPC since i had two of them so that was solved quite easely.
My middle son unfortunately was forced by his mother to buy a oem pc at Alternate, a local hardware shop because she didn't want me to build one for him (her remark: at least we get warrenty when we buy it there).
My son had been saving up since he was 8 and he managed to round up 1000 euro for this pc.
So he bought a E 8400, asus board and a 4850xfx with vista etc.

Day 1 Pc arrives and gets set up, strange boot behaviour and random freezes. Occasional bsod's for free.

Day 2Bsod's every 20 minutes, first weekend i get to go to Alternate seems that the memory is shot, new memory installed and case sealed again.
Once home installed pc on my kitchen table, doing some benchmarks etc...Needs a reboot....Won't reboot again, stays in a loop.
Called customer services, got permission to lift the seal and reset bios settings.
Reset bios and at the end of the weekend brought pc back to his mothers house.

One day later, son calls "frikking thing won't boot again" Next weekend back to customer support wich is hell i can tell you. It was like talking to screwy the squirl. Left pc there behind so went back empty handed.

2 weeks without a pc later i get a call "pc is ready" So next saturday once more to Alternate to pick up this piece of youknowwhat.
Asked them what was found defect and the reply was " a bios setting"
Yea sure, i'm building and repairing alot of systems a year and all of a sudden i forgot how to set up a bios.
Still running in friendly mode i picked it up and behold.........seemed to work actually.

Until now, just received another call from a very dissapointed son that his pc refuses to run even notepad etc and is slow as hell.

If Alternate refuses to resolve this matter to my satisfaction i will draw back my account with them along with the business acount as well.
Should hurt them for at least 10k a year.
Will report back tomorrow or as soon as i hear anything from them.


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