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D40 Bought

I finally did it. After trying to snipe a D40 off ebay in vain a couple of times, I decided to be a real man and ride my bike to the camera store and buy it there, with the full warranty.

I've been jacking off over this camera for too many months now, and the pressure was just too strong, I put a down on it, and it should be arriving by next week. I took the standard kit, with the Nikkor 18-55, to start off. Anyways, I have access to a very wide collection of pro-grade Nikon mount lenses of all types, thanks to a pro photographer that I know from my dad.

This camera is gonna cost me a crapload over this summer... I've already started looking at a super-wide fisheye, a Peleng 8mm, and IR photography looks friggin wicked too. Add to that a 70-200 to complete the kit, a case, battery grip, memory cards... I can't see the end!

People have been laughing at me for renewing my Flickr Pro subscription, but who's laughing now? According to the salesdude, I'll be clicking away by next friday.


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