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Day 1

G.Skill Ripjaws 2x2Gb PC12800 1600Hz C7-7-7-24 "Designed for Core i5 i7"

Now here was the problem, when i picked the ram I didnt know it was designed for anything, so now im wondering if it will work with my AM3 board when it arrives.

Couple of forum questions later Im not any cleared on a definate answer but then it was suggested to look at the differances between my ram and ram not designed for Intel.

So off to newegg I went as recommented for its selection even tho Im in the UK the spec wont change I found a great review about the memory answering my exact question...
Originally Posted by NewEgg buyer reviewing (short version)
Compatible with AM3 boards!

Pros: Stable @ 1600, unlike some other brands I've tried in the past.

YES THEY WORK WITH SOCKET AM3, do not let the lack of this info scare you off because you don't own an i5/i7 Intel board. They are just MARKETED for the new Intel socket, not AMD.

They also work @ the given specs. DDR3-1600 @ 7-7-7-24, with stock voltages. It's nice that they work out of the box. With a Phenom 955, I'm running 8-8-8-24 with a 20% overclock, at DDR3-1600. Stable as can be.

Looks great on my ASUS Crosshair III motherboard.

Cons: These DIMM's work perfectly fine with DDR3 AMD boards, but you'll never find that in the specifications.

They do get a little warm, so be sure to give them a draft to keep the temps nominal if you're overclocking.

Being low voltage gives lee-way for overclockers to have some fun, although I don't see the need, the gains would be negligible. I think there's some overhead room for tightening the timings as well, but I have not tried yet. At 7-7-7-24, they run stable as you can ask for.
So I shouldnt have any problems (might have to enter settings manually depending on the motherboard), if anything the 1.6 voltage the ram runs at might help me OC the memory in the future.

Also since its 1600 and max for AM3 is 1333; its been suggested I could drop the speed and this would help me get better timings maybe even CL6! Maybe...

Aside from recieving a few email telling me items have been posted nothing else has happened.


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