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Day And Age I Dragons Revolvers And Amnesia

Starting yet another miniblog series, as I'm wanting to write in other areas. This miniblog series can basically be summed up as me ranting about current technology, music, anime and games... With addition to miscellaneous patterns and trends I notice. Some of which bug me, while others simply fascinate me. On occasion I will tie thoughts together with life experiences and the sort. A little less personal, a lot more sarcastic.

Dungeons And Dragons

I'm sure all of you have at least heard of it. God, there was a time I absolutely HATED it and was probably the biggest obstacle in my way in regards to enjoying myself around my friends. Although I'm a bit of a noob (in HackMaster terminology, "Anchor With A Dice Bag"), I've had a lot of interest in it lately. Kind of getting bored with PC games, and kind of not having spare cash for working on all the hobbies I'd like to.

I'll be honest though, I don't really have an interest in D&D. I have an interest in HACKMASTER. If you don't understand, let me explain. HackMaster is D&D on crack, and it is AWESOME. Who can say no to it's attractive lists of quirks and flaws? I certanly can't say no to HackFrenzy:

If you take 20% or more damage to your character, you make a saving throw. If you FAIL, you get thrown into HackFrenzy and roll an 8 sided dice times the number of levels under your belt. If you're level 7, you roll 7 times and the total is the amount of damage you MUST inflict before you return to normal. Yes, if your quota hasn't been met, you have to attack your friends too.

While HackFrenzy is active you take half damage.. But if your health drops below 50% with HackFrenzy active, as soon as it wears off, you DIE. The "you take half damage" bit is only temporary. You take full when it wears off.


...And this is why I want to play. HackMaster is serious lulz.

Eden of the East

Originally Posted by dood on youtoob
If Tom Clancy made an anime, "Higashi no Eden" would be the results. Sound boring? Well, you'd be mistaken, because this anime is more akin to the "Bourne" series rather than "The Hunt for Red October". Terrorist, drama, action, Engrish, this is one of the best animes of 2009, notto mention one of the coolest openings of an anime evar!
This is easily the most interesting anime I've come across so far. If nothing else lured me in, it was the Opening Theme which, rather than the typical random JPop band, featured OASIS. Graphic design enthusiasts would probably LOVE the art in the main theme, because I know I did. I'm no graphic designer really, but I have an eye for art and an ear for music, and I WILL NOT BE QUESTIONED ON THAT. Or something.

But in all seriousness, if you haven't checked out anime because you thought it was for ninnys, GET ON IT. Well at least this one. I consider this to be one of the most universal animes I've seen in a while, and it's got an awesome plot. A few reoccuring themes are dry humor, action and mystery. Mystery is a huge element in the first few episodes, but that's another thing that pulled me in.


I forgot. Tune in next time I guess. I'll probably remember then.

(no, that isn't Eden of the East. that's Fate / Stay Night =p)

Extra Audio Aid: deadmau5 - The Oshawa Connection


All comments welcome.

How's that for a different blog approach? =P


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