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Death To The Eee Episode 1

Poor guy is kinda dead.

I was there, at college, sat on the bench with my good friend. Just talking, waiting for the clock to reach 9:00am...

So, as we go to sit down, I slam my bag on the floor. This bag contained my Eee PC 900, and 2 cans of Tango apple and 2 Cans of 7up free.

After about 30 mins passed, we decide to get up, and my friend point to my bag and says "Why's you bag dripping"... I immediately react with "Oh $4|1!", one of the tango cans had somehow pierced inside the bag and had leaked all over my Eee, luckily my paperwork was dry, but the Eee was drenched.

I then took the Eee out and left it to dry on the radiator in the class I was seating. So all day I tended to it letting it dry, taking it outside on our lesson breaks and lightly shaking it to perhaps move the tango.

Later that day at about 4:15pm, I went up to the library and looked at the Eee, I just thought this has to work now, it's been left to dry and whatnot.

So, I get the power pack out and I plug it in to the power point on the wall, then I plug it in to the Eee with care whilst being prepared to pull it out in the case of an emergency. The charge light lit up on the front so everything was fine there. So I take the next big step, I pressed the power button.

It booted up fine, straight into that Windows Embedded 2011 RC I had on there. So I do a quick check, I slowly started turning components on, first the Wireless Card, all good, then the Card Reader, then the Camera. I eventually turned everything on and everything was working fine.

I was using the netbook for about an hour, just on Facebook and various other things, then all of a sudden the screen started to flicker, white then normal, then finally it just went white. A constant white.

Now, this kinda freaked me out a bit, why has it just gone now after it being used. So later that night, I went home, took it all apart cos it already past it's warranty.

Underneath it was fine, the mobo was dry and all the main components there were dry. So I take the screen off, and I take the body off and then examined the screen. I found if I tilted the screen, tango drizzled out. So I thought maybe... just maybe it's the screen that is non-operational.

I tried the Eee with a monitor in the VGA port and It booted up fine, no flaws on the external display and Windows booted fine.

So now I know that the screen needs replacing, but I don't want to spend £40 on a part for something that has since become obsolete. It's a Intel Celeron at 900Mhz and it's got 200Mhz DDR2 Ram so it's pretty much useless compared to something like an Acer Ferrari One for a cool £399.

So the Eee is still alive, and It's just going to be used as a test bed for my networking hobbies...

To Be Continued...


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