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Deciding On A New Windows Os

As a lot of you may have read on my one previous thread, we had a major discussion on which O.S. I should buy.

First, I was thinking that Vista still might be a good idea and I was having people compare Vista Ultimate and 7 Ultimate. Very few people voted for Vista Ultimate but a lot of people turned me on to the idea that 7 Ultimate isn't as great as say 7 Premium of 7 Professional. So I decided if I'm gonna buy 7, I'll probably go with 7 Premium.

Second, I also started a debate as to whether I should purchase an OEM copy of Windows 7 Premium or the Full copy of 7 Premium. OEM is much cheaper and that is the one I'm leading towards. The bad things about having an OEM copy is that you supposedly can't use that disk on two systems. The Full on the other hand, you can. I am still a bit puzzled as to which I should buy but I'll figure it out soon.

The bad news of this whole deal is that when I told my mother I was planning on purchasing Windows 7 Premium 64bit she responded, "No. I don't have it yet so why should you?" She has two computers (1 laptop with 2GB of RAM and 1 desktop with 1GB of RAM) with Vista. I responded "So? What's the big deal?" She said I can purchase Vista if I wanted to but I can't get 7. She thinks there is a whole bunch of problems and bugs with 7. I told here that I haven't read one single bad review about 7. So I might not even be aloud to get 7.



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