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Did It Really Happen

Last week a posted to this bog about how i was going to change how I act and who i am basically.
Yesterday i went to go to the bryon nelson golf event in the dallas area. Unknown to me or my friends we happen to show up an hour after the event was over. We were all in a drunkin stuper and thought the day was all but loss.
We decided to walk to a bar across the street from the event. I did not think it was going to be all that good cause we walked in and found far to little single girls...
After being there for 20 minutes one of my drunkin friends decided to go talk to this older but very attractive lady. After going over and speaking with her she tolod him that she wanted me to go talk with her.
Me being the guy that does not think much of myself i decide that it would not go anywhere so i went out side to enjoy a smoke.
15 seconds after being outside the lady comes out and sparks conversation.
I was a little uneasy since i dont go after cougers, but one of my buddy said the best thing i had heard all day. Slump buster!
So i said to my self what the heck. why not live like a normal dumb guy my age. I said yes to the situation.
I told the lady to meet me at a cafa 3 miles away since it was closer to my house.
she showed up and was hot mess from the 100 degree temp outside. I invited her to come take a dip in the pool at the apartments there. she went and with out getting graphic, the slump buster was over.
After we did our business and went back to the cafa she disappeared. I was soitting there with buddies, and a guy came over and introduced me to one of his friends. She was smoking hot. I decided to give her myt number since im not the type of guy to try going to town with 2 girls same day who i dont even know.
I decide to call it a night.
On my way to get my car the first gir came and got me and took me home.
Moral of the night , do what feels right. Enjoy life and live it cause it wont always be that way.
i really hope my blog inspires one person to get out and live alittle.


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