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Do You Buy Used Games

PC is pretty hard to buy used games, seeing as there is usually DRM and a cd-key needed, so i put this in the general because, even though most of us have wicked computers for gaming, do u buy used portable/console games?

Me personally
NO why? because any game i really want i buy at launch, games i dont buy at launch tend to drop in price and i pick them up, although unless i see a steal of a deal ill buy it used, example, i got halo reach for $15 a month after release.

other wise i would rather just by new, or off steam. Seeing as most game places sell the used games for 5-10 less, id rather just buy new, however i went to the mall today and saw at gamestop that there used game selection was growing and there new section (for 360) was shrinking, implying that more people are trading in and buying new, not used

but as even console games are going in the direction where you need to purchase a special code at a extended price if u buy pre-owned and wish to play multiplayer, and as this world is going more digital, the days of stores like EBgames/gamestop are coming to an end.

Although me personally, i always buy a game at full price i want a physical copy.
Consoles have games on demand now, and arcade games and such, so you can skip the trip to the mall.

I believe that there will always be a place for disk/hardcopy/ printed boxes with a download code inside, which to me means places like future shop and such will always have there game selection, seeing as FS doesnt sell used, i see these sections shrinking in the new few years.

what are your thoughts?

edit: by new safty, i mean the safty of buying a new game, not having to worry about scratches, keys, ect


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