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Drm Part Two Ubisofts Cloud Drm

Honestly, who the hell thinks this is a good idea? As I said in my first DRM rant, a 'good' DRM scheme is, first and foremost, one the end user never even notices.

Ubi's scheme involves a constant, uninterrupted connection to an activation server many miles away. If you lose your internet connection while playing a game so protected, you lose all progress since the last game save, and are booted to the main menu. You tell me if the end user is gonna notice...

I'd say my internet is pretty average. 1.5mbit down, 0.5 up, with a half-baked 2wire router. If it even thinks about raining, I lose connection. If it does rain, I lose connection. Half the time the router crashes seemingly for no reason, and there's other times where ATT's end screws up. If I were playing an Ubi game, we'll use Assassin's Creed 2 as an example, I would be constantly booted back to the main menu every few minutes. I would lose quite a bit of progress because of my half-baked router and ISP. This would get highly annoying, and would ensure I never buy another Ubisoft product again, and that I torrent the ones I already have in order to actually play the damn game the way it's meant to be played.

Ubisoft, get it through your insanely thick skulls. DRM DOES NOT WORK! INTRUSIVE DRM ONLY FUELS PIRACY! Half the games on my machine are torrented copies, because the DRM scheme in the boxed version I have in my closet is far too restrictive for my tastes. Most of 'em are SecuROM titles.

Ubi, if you want to sell a lot of games, try treating your honest customers like customers, not criminals. You seem to grasp that they'll buy it if the legal version is better, but you don't seem to grasp how the illegal version is better than the legal one when a restrictive DRM scheme is used. No DRM is better than restrictive DRM, and you know damn well it's going to be hacked and fast. So ignore the pirates, release good games with nothing more than a simple CD key and rake in the dough. Honest customers will buy your games.


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