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Drum Brakes Are Fun

So, if anyone is interested to know...

A few weeks ago, the brakes on the rear axle of my truck [1990 F-150] started squeaking. Thinking the brake shoes had worn down to the rivets, I started cursing, as I didn't have the money on hand to afford new shoes [or so I thought].

I went to the Pep Boys website to see what they charged for brake shoes for my truck, and their site told me $45 per shoe. At 2 shoes per wheel and two wheels, that was about $180 before tax.

Anyway, fast forward to saturday. I finally had the $200 or so to drop on new shoes, and I'm closer to an advance than a pep boys. So I drop in, and they have all four shoes [re-manufactured, but guaranteed for like 2 years] for just $15.

Needless to say, I was happy =)

So, I get home, and take the brakes apart. Now, imagine a three dimensional puzzle. Just add three high tension springs and the fact that your life can depend on you not screwing up, and things can get frustrating. Fast. After about two hours messing with the driver side brake assembly, I finally get the shoes replaced. One down, one to go.

Now that I had an idea as to what I was doing, the second wheel only took about 40 min. But my brakes have stopped squeaking, and they actually work too!

Twas an interesting experience.


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