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Drum Brakes Take Two

So, today it rained like there was no tomorrow, and I'm extremely thankful that it did.

It turns out that I had a transmission leak. The previous owner of Sasha [my F-150] put a transmission cooler in front of the radiator, and used rubber hoses with hose clamps to tie it into the system. The hose that connected the radiator out to the trans cooler in was leaking, and if it wasn't for the rain, I'd have never seen the sheen it left on the pavement.

So, long story short, the hose is about 1 inch shorter, and the leak has stopped.

While I was at it, though, I thought I'd take a look at my drum brakes to see how they were holding up, and found out I screwed them both up.

On the driver side, I put the bottom spring into the wrong slot on one side, so it didn't have enough tension to stay on on one side. As a consequence, the adjusting screw fell off and was rolling around in the drum.

After fixing that. I checked the passenger side and saw that I put the adjusting screw on the wrong way.

So, long story short I feel much better now that I know things are setup properly.


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