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Dumbing Down Apps Is Dumb

Alright when vista came out, I was confused when I came to to the control panel. I had to actually google how to change a few settings, and I've been using windows since 3.1 >.<

Why change a common format after years of having the same setup. I hate the stupid network center crap. Oh whats wrong with my internet, well apparently I'm disconnected from the freaking globe. That's alot of help, thanks Microsoft for including this visual aid that doesn't do s**t! And what's up with the crappy diagnostic feature in vista? It takes 5 minutes to tell me I have to restart my modem, what the hell?

Now firefox screwed up and they changed so much stuff around its retarded. The settings are all dumbed down, they renamed clear private data to just clear recent history.

To all the software devs: QUIT CHANGING S**T ITS FINE THE WAY IT IS!!!!!! There is no sane reason to change the terminology of specific functions, it just screws with existing users. Let newbies figure it out, I'm sure they know how to use google.


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Overclock.net › Member Blogs › Dumbing Down Apps Is Dumb