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Eb Games

Call me old fashioned but I still like to recieve a box with my game purchase, and I feel it's more of a tangable purchase then just buying and downloading a game online.

PC gaming has been on a decline - atleast that's what retail stores have been saying. So less and less games are now being sold in retail stores for computer games. Honestly I think this is total rubbish. The PC gaming industry has never been more alive. Now we are seeing many AAA titles like Bioshock, Valves Orange Box, Unreal 3, Crysis, Call Of Duty 4 - and the list goes on.

I remember the days of being able to go into EB Games and buy not only PC games, but also accessories like Video Cards, Sound Cards, DVD Burners, Keyboards, Mice, etc! During these days PC gaming shelves were FILLED and dominated store space. Today it's all Console dominated. Gone of the days of buying computer parts there, and on top of that PC games are now normally on one VERY SMALL shelf, with all the new released behind the cashier counter out of plain site.

I really wished that retailers would get the idea out of their head that killing off their PC sections was a mistake. But some how I don't see that happening.


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