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Educational Scam

I wish I could win the lottery so I could just say screw school, I don't need a $60,00 piece of paper to determine what I do in life. Its causing more stress that by the time I graduate Ill be just like my dad.. pissed off all the damn time. Probably cus he wasted so much time on his awesome doctors degree that he regrets it all the damn time.

Really I have come to narrow down why my dad is such a narcissistic prick all the time now. Hes got a doctors degree in Professional Engineering and he makes great money... Upwards of 200k per year. Fantastic pay, you figure he would come home at the end of the day happy every day, right? I mean all he does is stay in an office all day and plan stuff and work on computers designing stuff... Great man. I work in an office too - I love the job! Why the hell is he always tired and in a bad mood? He just barely turned 50 years... still has mostly colored hair (not grey)....

Really though this is kind of a rant about school and how pissed off at the pointlessness of it. Im spending upwards of fifteen thousand dollars a year for classes that teach me.. teach me what? How to write a rhetorical analysis, complicated equations with linear algebra, calculus, and the history of ancient egypt. What the F*_$ does this have to do with a Technology management degree?

Computer Information systems, chemistry with advanced thermodynamics lessons and things that relate to computer hardware engineering (back when thats what I was interested in) yeah that makes sense.... but learning about writing an advanced analysis about some rhetoric.. WHO GIVES A FLYING DAMN about some crackhead writing these memes or what teachers like to call 'plots' in some story... why can't we just talk in straight forward terms like "Holy hell I lost my mind look at that tree, its leaves are falling off"....


On the bright side of today, I got 14 hours of work in, gonna get lots of overtime and I think my manager has a thing for me... she gets really close to me when she says 'thank you so much Sam'... dear god I regretted wearing nylon shorts real fast... Last time I had that happen to me (not too long ago) I ended up going to this girls house to 'fix her computer as a favor' then next thing I know I'm nailin her on her roommates bed lol (roommate was in jail for 30 days LOL)

bleh, weird post indeed... Im just pissed at all this homework I have, on top of the hours I spend in class POS classes are worthless I say! WORTHLESS!


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