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Over the past few years emo kids have been a target of ridicule. Today, it has become too popular to digress, with the emergence of mainstream "scene" pop-culture advertised by the many chains of emo bands arising.

I continue to fail to understand the influx of emo culture in our world today. I have noticed it is not something limited to only the USA, but has become a serious issue in most other modern countries, especially Japan.

I label emo as a problem as the idea first degrades morale and then spreads to the behavior of others. Just as a smile can be contagious, a consistant overcast of gloom can become a cold.

I find it completely immoral that most of these emo bands are exploiting the youth of today with their music. It is all for money. Can't they see that many of these children will move on to become suicidal?

No, there is something more serious. There is some defect in our world that is affecting more and more people. There is less of a will to live... Why?


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