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Entry 1

I can't sleep, I hardly eat and my girlfriend just dumped me because i'm spending more time behind my 20inch LG than with her... well HELL YEAH!!!! What'd she think? That i'd spend XXXX.XXeuro's just to browse internet once a week or so? I spent that much money to fall in-love again!!

With all the weekends we went away together, all the vacations I paid for, I think my ex cost me about 10,000euro's. At the time it didn't bother me, you love eachother and are willing to go to the end of the universe and back for one another, but for all the money she cost I couldn't turn her on as fast as my new baby...now there's only 1 button to push before she excelerates into a 3800Mhz orgasme
Oh yeah, THIS baby comes every time!


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