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I recently starting using more actively the etree.com downloads section. I had always been into the musicians on that site, but hadn't given it much thought. However, I was listening to some live performances and it dawned on me what the problem with the music industry is today. The bands on that site are allowing anyone to record their shows because they know the fans appreciate it and that by allowing this more people will be interested in the music and go to shows and buy albums.
Instead of keeping music a closely guarded secret with a high price, give people a good taste of it and encourage live acts. The problem with this is that many modern bands are not able to properly put on a live show. Bands like The Who defined what makes a great live show, and the bands on etree are obviously great live otherwise nobody would take the time to record them. If your live act sounds the same as your studio act, you are doing something wrong. You need to be spontaneous and random in your live act song selection and playing. Jam, improvise, and change the songs. Play covers of other artists, play new songs, play old songs, bring up guest artists, anything. Just don't play back your album for me. Here's an example for those of you who learn by example:
Last semester I went to a Gov't Mule concert. They were on tour promoting their album, "High and Mighty". Running time: 1:10:58.208. The concert went as follows (I bought the FLAC recording later):
Warm up band- Grace Potter and the Nocturnals (also amazing, check them out) played for about an hour.
Set break.
Gov't Mule played for 1:14:03
Set break
Mule comes back out to play for 1:41:05
My friend went to some other concert of three or four bands the same night. Left after me, came back before.
Point made.


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