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Eventual Plan Changes

Of course, my plans changed. Hopefully for the better. As it turns out, it was time for my Sapphire HD 4850 to start artifacting and fail stability tests at stock clocks. After many various attempts to make it un-dead, it finally just died and doesnt work any more. Baw. Back to my faithful 3650...oh and 60 fps in Source games :swearing: .

That of course added cost to my set upgrade plans, and so I just said screw it, Im starting over, and I decided to opt for the 1156 socket and the assorted required accouterments.

The brand new parts list:

-NZXT M59 ATX Case
-WD Green 500GB SATA HDD
(Same old same old)

-Gigabyte GA-P55-UD4P 1156 ATX Mobo
-Intel i5-750 Lynnfield 2.66GHz Processor
-4 Gigs (2x2) OCZ DDR3 1600 XMP-Ready Rev.2 Memory (OCZ3X1600R2LV4GK)
Should be kinda fun...Im hoping for good results.

This will change my planned future upgrade path to something different, and so probably in this order:
-Lights, controller panel, fans, case mod.
-Add second 5770 for CFX (Or 5800 series card...or whatever Nvidia pumps out)
-Upgrade processor to i7 and get a heatsink...(suggestions anyone?)
-Hard drive. More of it.
-More RAM/higher performing RAM.


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