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Evga E760 May Look Good But Dont Judge The Book By Its Cover

So my saga begins last Tuesday on the 21st of July. I received my EVGA E760 Motherboard from new egg and set out to build my new awesome X58 rig. I put everything together and tried to boot. Got the FF error code on the motherboard LCD poster. After trying everything I could think of Called EVGA Tech Support. This is where the saga begins.

I was told by the EVGA tech that the board needed to be RMAed. Excited to finish my build I paid the 50 dollars for their Advanced RMA which is basically when they ship you the new board before you return the old one. So paid 50 for overnight shipping and Saturday delivery because it was now Wed. July 22. So after uploading the receipt and filling out all the forms on Wednesday, I waited for them to Accept my RMA. Friday night they said that they had accepted the RMA and to input my credit card number for collateral until they received my board back.

I did this immedialy following the email as I was waiting for it. I recieved an Email back stating that the board would ship out in 1 to 2 business days. I was thinking cool latest this board will go out is Tuesday July 28th amd I will have it today on Wed the 29th one week after filling out the paperwork. Well as of this morning the board had not shipped. I called customer service to see what the problem was. I was informed that EVGA had no stock of this board and therefore couldnt send me a replacement until they got more in. I felt that this was unacceptable since I had called on Monday Tuesday and Wed morning to see if the board had gone out yet.

At no point did anyone tell me that they didnt have any. In fact everytime I called I was told that the board would ship on that day. So here I am with my new rig all put together missing the main component and may not have a board till next week. Total BS

I have RMAed boards through MSI and Asus before and never been treated with dishonesty. If they had a problem they did one of two things, either offered me a free upgrade or in some other way tried to reconcile the problem be it with free stuff or a refund.

EVGA offered to give me an Advanced RMA on the new board that came, or a partial refund of the 50 I paid for the first one. I personally thing a partial refund is a slap in the face. This was my first product purchased through EVGA and it will be my last. The only customer service member who was decent at all was Kyle S. He told me what was up and actually looked into the issue. So I cant tell you how the board works because mine doesnt but I can tell you how frustrating it is to have 2 grand worth of parts sitting here and not be able to run them. I would have been fine with it if I was told upfront.

Core i7 920 D0
EVGA E760 X58 Motherboard
ATI Radeon 4870x2 GPU
Antec 1200 Game Case
Antec Quattro 1000W PSU
Corsair H50 Hydro CPU Cooler
12GB Crucial Ballistix DDR3 RAM @1333
WD Velociraptor 300 GB HDD
Seagate 1 TB HD
Pioneer 8x Blu-Ray Burner
Sony 18x DVD Rom


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