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Evga Rma Department Is Great

When I sent my 680i Mb in to upgrade ($89 for the 780i), I was so excited to get my notification e-mail telling me that it was my turn. I stripped down my Duo core machine, and packed up the old motherboard to send back to EVGA so fast, that I left my old E6300 CPU chip in the socket. ( Never noticed it missing). About two weeks later I recieved a notice that FEDEX was trying to deliver a package to me, I had nothing currently on order and wondered what kind of screw-up I was going to have to deal with next....

When I opened the box I found my not yet missed E6300 chip, attached to the packing slip that had gone in with the old 680i...talk about surprised!

EVGA RMA had found the chip on the card, put it together with the invoice, shipped it back to me no questions asked, and with no additional charges.

I really feel for the poor buggers that have to deal with manufacturers that don't seem to really care about anything but front end sales *cough - ASUS - cough* that I see complaints about here and elsewhere................My money is on EVGA FTW!!!


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