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Ew Creepy

First of all I made this blog only availible to contacts and blog moderators, so if you were expecting another blog from me, heh, well this isn't it.

Really this is just a small rant about something odd I noticed last night. Someone has been copy pasting my blogs onto another site . I was pretty weirded out when I noticed that. But then I realized it wasn't just mine.

[i intended to include a link showing a list of blogs on a subforum there called "Overclock.net"... you'll find out why i can't now later down]

Not all blogs are being posted there-- if you look closely there's quite a few missing from the current list... I assume it's the blogs of people who have privacy settings to not allow guest readers. For personal reasons I chose to allow guests (I link non-OCN members on occasion)... but this guy is an RSS feed posting bot.

Does anyone know if that site's creator (or their moderating team) has an OCN account here? Because if the guy is a member here I'll probably ask him to kindly filter out my blogs. Sure it's only the first paragraphs that get published there, but that's really creepy feeling. I'd feel much more comfortable if my blog was found by a random google search.

Blegh! So weird!

Anyway I did end up getting a prescription for my anxiety, and it's made a world of a difference. I can really see myself getting back on track with this, and hope to throw away my crutches when the time is right . I may talk more about it in a future blog, but I'm currently undecided.

Take care everyone!


EDIT: after I typed all that I found out that the guy had his account suspended! woot! just happened today apparently, so no more creepy RSS poster linking these blogs off site. yay!!


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