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Expensive School No Thanks

Let's backtrack to about a week ago, maybe, about 10 days ago.

Here I am, sitting in front of my computer doing absolutely nothing, just killing time. I get a phone call from my dad saying that this school has this program in Biomedical Technology and this school is located just down the street from me. I was like "K dad, I'll check out the school, but if I do enroll, I'm not doing the Biomed Tech."

Shortly after, I get on the website and see that they have an AS in Computer Networking and Security. So, I decide to request some more information. Literally within 4 hours of sending in my info, a representative called.

I sat down and talked with him. Guy seemed really friendly, and the overall environment was overflowing with great people. I talked to his boss for a bit, before making up my mind to sign the papers. Both were extremely funny people with great senses of humor. Really easy to talk to.

We finally get tot he financial aid portion, and met quite possibly the best person in the staff. She is a mom about the same age as my mom and has a son just older than me. If you guys really wanna see my funny side, you have to talk to me in person. I mean, her boss walked into the cubicle asking what was so funny when she overheard us 3 laughing, my mom was with me as well.

But, the financial aid is where I'm stuck at now. I need about $5,000 to complete the $30,000 I need for this school and asked my uncle to cosign on a loan. He seemed very concerned as to why this school is so expensive. He then proceeded to ask if this school was accredited by the 4 main accreditation institutes, and that's what caused me to doubt this decision.

This school is not accredited by enough for me to go through with this. I can't believe I overlooked this one fact. I was about to sign over about $20,000 in loans for a school that isn't accredited and for a degree that may or may not be accepted by larger companies. With this new information, I'm gonna cancel the whole deal and look into some bigger, more well known schools.

I'm just really confused now. I was so enthused to go back to school, but now I need to pull out. Well, now I have to do more research before blindly jumping in head first into a school.

For those who want to know, the school's name is Brown Mackie College.


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