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F H Progress And Questions

WOOT! Broke 1500 on the OCN F@H rankings! Just started folding a week and a half ago, and it feels great to contribute to the OCN team. Currently #1479 on the ranking list.

Currently using two of my gaming computers (main (3.2Ghz e2160) and backup (2.66Ghz PD805)) for folding 24/7. Have a raw score of 4643 so far.

Anyway, I have a few questions for you guys. If I start utilizing SMP (I understand that to do this you need to use one graphical client and one console based client), would there be any way to pause them both at the same time easily? The F@H clients are running 24/7 except when gaming, and I need to be able to pause them both quickly. Second, is there any way to run the GPU client at the same time as the CPU client? I'd like to squeeze out as many WUs as possible.

Look forward to helping with such a great cause and such a great team (go OCN!).


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Overclock.net › Member Blogs › F H Progress And Questions