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Fanboyism On The Eve Of The Market Launch Of Phenom

It was as predictable as the sun rising in the east: On the cusp of a new product roll-out from AMD, the eagerly-awaited Phenom line of quad-core CPUs, PC enthusiasts of every stripe have come out of the woodwork to wage flame jihads on each other.

The Intel fanboys seize every opportunity to crow about how their Conroe dual- and quad-core CPUs still own the performance crown. They quote the latest reports from sources such as AnandTech, Tom's Hardware, and [H]ardOCP. The theme is common amongst these sources: Phenom's performance at roll-out is a little shy of Conroe's.

Meanwhile, AMD's fanboys are all in a dizzy tizzy moaning to all high heaven that all is lost, that they have lost faith, that they are disgusted that AMD has failed them.

To be perfectly honest, I'm rather bemused by all the emotional rhetoric and the bombastic proclamations I've read about in regards to Phenom's market launch. This bemusement is but a repetition of my reaction to every other big announcement from any of the significant producers, whether hardware or software.

I'll admit that I have a preference for AMDs; I may even have a sentimental attachment to my S939 systems. First loves are always special, and my first custom build was a S939 system. I've confessed these so that my position is clarified at the onset. But I've never taken anybody to task for him/her choosing Intel's products over AMD's. Nor have I advocated strictly using nVidia's video cards and not ATI/AMD's. I suppose I recognize that there are myriad legitimate reasons to choose whatever components you want for your own custom system. It's simply not my place, nor anyone else's, to admonish someone for his or her preferences. No one needs to justify component choices to anybody else.

I occasionally build systems for paying clients, and they always ask for my advice vis-a-vis platform and component decisions. And I give them my honest opinions and impressions. Depending on their specific needs and budget, I've advised them to go with either Intel or AMD, leaving to them the final decision. Even with older S939 parts (or even a Pentium 4), none of my clients have ever complained about their decisions and my builds for them.

(And yes, I've built a couple of Conroe rigs too. I just haven't had a customer ask for an OCed Conroe.)

This is what's most annoying about the proliferation of fanboys (of every variety) in the custom PC universe: There is an almost instinctive need to slam someone for not choosing to buy the top performers in every category. The battle lines are set in stone, and god forbid you choose something that's not top-of-the-line.

The absolute truth is, nobody except for people with deficient and unhealthy egos needs the very top performing set of parts. This is clearly a want that some people feel they need to satisfy. I won't be hypocritical about it: I love performance as much as anyone. But I don't indulge in these pathetic and immature flame wars just because I don't have the latest from Intel or nVidia's best in my system. This is also why I am so reluctant to participate in the innumerable "rate my build" threads on forums everywhere.

So to all the fanboys who have crawled up from the sewers, I have one message: You're all the same. The only difference between you is what brand of toilet you got flushed down.

Discussion and comments are always welcome. Even fanboys can participate, if they want to.


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