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Faq Flash Gpu Bios From Cd


Don't have a floppy or a thumb drive, and you still want to flash your GPU BIOS? Well here is a guide I put together to accomplish just that.

All flashes are at your own risk and I take no responsibility for any damage done. Knowledge on how to use NVflash and NiBiTor is assumed.


- CD-RW Drive
- Blank RW Disc
- WinImage
- ImgBurn
- NiBiTor
- nvflash.rar


Download All Tools First

1 - Find a BIOS you want to flash your card with and backup your original BIOS with NiBitor. Have both files on the desktop. I will refer to them as flash.rom and original.rom

2 - Extract the file from the nvflash.rar archive to the desktop. This is a DOS image with nvflash preloaded onto it suitable for burning to a CD so it can boot into DOS. It opens with WinImage. Open it.

3 - Now that you have the file open you want to inject your BIOS files into it. You do this by going Image>Inject and selecting your BIOS files. It should look like this afterwards.

Go File>Save As and name it "boot" and MAKE SURE to save it as an IMA file type, it defaults to IMZ. Save it to desktop Create a New Folder on the desktop also named "boot" and move the IMA you just saved into it.

4 - Now open ImgBurn. At the top click Mode>Build then click the Advanced tab then click the Bootable Disc tab. You should be here.

Click Make Image Bootable for the Boot Image select the IMA you saved which is in the boot folder on your desktop. On the left under Source click the Folder Icon which is the third one down and below the magnifying glass. Select the "Boot" folder you have on the desktop. The one with the IMA in it.

It looks like this now.

Now click the folder -> CD icon at the bottom. Say Yes and OK to all the pop-ups. It then burns the IMA to your CD.

5 - Now go to your BIOS and set first boot device as CD ROM and restart. It will now boot from the CD into a DOS mode.

You can use nvflash as normal. If you want more BIOSES to flash from just inject more BIOS files in Step 3.

If you want a different version of nvflash just replace the nvflash file(s) in the nvflash.IMA

Happy Flashing!


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