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Fare Thee Well 2009

Here we are, the end of another year, and the beginning of another. It's time to change calendars again, to turn the page one last time and then start anew.

Time just keeps on going, doesn't it?

Sometimes I feel like I'm racing on a treadmill. My feet keep on moving, my legs keep on churning, I keep on sweating, but it doesn't seem like I'm getting anywhere.

Time is money, as they say. In these tough economic times, it's hard to keep on swimming without noticing the sharks that you constantly need to keep at least an arm's length away.

You know what, though? You don't surrender, you don't stop pounding out the miles on that treadmill, you don't stop swimming; you keep going, you persevere, you fight until you get where you want to be.

Now I suppose the key part is figuring out how to fight, how to solve the problems. I don't know who it was who once said, "Don't work harder; work smarter," but I do know one thing:

Whoever said that was/is (in case he/she is still alive) a very wise person.

So what does this all mean in the context of this small universe called OCN? It's no secret to those who are observant that I haven't been around as much as I used to. The hard truth of the matter is, throughout 2009 time for fun things in life (which OCN is, at least in part, for me) has been slashed. Economic realities being what they are, there is far less time to spend on OCN for me. The bad thing is, I occupy a position which requires a measure of responsibility. Time to execute on such duties has been reduced to a mere trickle, and I've long been unhappy about that.

The preceding may sound like making excuses to some, but this is the hard truth.

One of my most fervent hopes for the coming year is a much-improved method for allocating my resources (including time) to allow me to be more active on OCN. For one thing, I've got projects and ideas that I would dearly love to see completion. More than that, I have so much to learn in the context of my sphere of responsibility.

Another hope is to continue blogging here on OCN. This blog is one of a few I maintain regularly and is just one of myriad writing projects I have on my plate. I used to be more prolific here, but with the reduction of my time has come a reduction of my ability to write. I want to increase my productivity here as well.

So, with the end of one year and the start of a new one comes the opportunity to improve oneself. Honestly, each new sunrise gives us all that opportunity, but looking at things at a greater distance, the start of a new year is just as good as any starting point.

Let's all have a great 2010, shall we?


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