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Favourite Pc Games Part 1

Welcome to Part 1

So what are my favourite PC games? What games am I still playing today? Over several parts I will show what some of my favourite PC games actually are.

Screenshots are all taken from my sigrig.

Feel free to add me on Steam for multiplayer, also feel free to reccommend any good mods.


I just love dropping into this game every now and then. Even now it still looks stunningly gorgeous and is only really rivalled by one or two games today graphically.

Splinter Cell: Conviction:

Finally my retail version is fixed and working! Alot of people were turned off by the faster paced stealth mechanic of Conviction. Me I love it. Deniable Ops is easily one of the best stealth based multiplayer co-op modes I have played.

Unreal Tournament 3

Lost popularity in comparison to other titles, but still a dream to play. Love the Deck redux. Hate the single player, but seriously... who plays Unreal Tournament for single player?

Aliens vs Predator

I'm a massive fan of the franchises so naturally this is going to hold a place in my heart. Shame it's so poorly supported but still a blast to play.

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