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Few Paragraphs About Dragoon

Um... yep... Karasu you gave one hell of an idea to few of us

So~... yeah, I'm here to talk a bit about myself, I guess some of you should know what's behind the Dragoon nickname I use here.

Now for teh stats!

Name: Diogo Valente
Birth and current location: Lisbon, Portugal
DoB: July 18 1987 (Yeah... almost 22 -_-)
Height:180cm (5 foot 11)
Weight: 72Kg or 158.7 pounds (fast metabolism, I can eat whatever I want without getting fat O_o)

Favorite color: Blue, then Black
Dressing style: My own, my mom says I'm too classical and unlike other guys from my age (???)

-Being alone
-Fantasy, use of imagination to the limit
-Company of a good friend
-Italian and Japanese food
-To learn new stuff
-Straight 12 to 14 hours sleeping o_O
-To travel!

-Overcrowded places (But if I really have to be in such places, I can make an effort)
-Computer hardware failiures

Favorite motto: Easy enough as it is...

Now a little about me:

I am usually on the background and people often tend to forget about me, I don't feel too comfortable trying to reach myself into the front row if you know what I mean, I'd make a lousy leader lol

I also don't talk too much, people tend to have a hard time figuring if I'm well or not and most say I am emotionless (I just don't feel the need to show them unless I really have to) , but I can fit in a nice party with people I know and have a roll of fun, just need a "bit" of time to warm myself up, but that's rare

I also like to do some sports, soccer and volleyball mostly, but I love to watch hockey, although not a sport supported in the EU but I support the Vancouver Canucks as I got a good friend from there.

Curiosity killed the cat, yeah, "happened" to me few times, I am very curious and I love to explore and learn new stuff, currently I'm learning Japanese just by myself with any means I can, I can say it's going pretty well and I have little trouble learning new stuff, so... if anyone can also help me... I'd appreciate very much.

Um... I think that is all? I don't know...

Oh yeah! Takes quite a bit to tick me off, even if you achieve that, you probably won't notice

But overall yeah... I'm a pretty nice guy that you can rely on


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