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Few Ups Many Downs Ups United Parcel Service

I despise UPS.


Let me rephrase that.

I really really REALLY DESPISE UPS.

Before I explode into what may seem like an unjustified diatribe against such a huge corporation that had apparently built its name on good customer service, consider yourself lucky if your collective experience with this company bears no resemblance to mine.

UPS has demonstrated a pattern of incompetence, unreliability, and unwillingness/inability to satisfy an aggrieved paying customer insofar as I am concerned. The list of incidents wherein they fail to deliver, quite literally, only grows. So now I am flexing my muscles as a consumer with a voice. Good businesses live by the following adage: Please a customer, and he'll tell one person; displease him, and he'll tell twenty.

Here is a short list of UPS' woeful "service" to me, accumulated over the years:
  • Despite written warnings on our apartment complex's intercom system that the link to our apartment is non-functional, the driver still attempts to contact us via the intercom, which, of course fails.
  • Despite the fact that our previous apartment unit was visible and easily accessible from the street, the driver does not knock on our door to check if we're home to deliver a package.
  • The driver does not leave a "Delivery Attempted" slip to notify us that he was here to attempt a delivery; I only know about an attempt to deliver via checking UPS' admittedly excellent online tracking system.
  • Despite being home and waiting for delivery at the time of a delivery attempt, we still do not get our packages delivered. This can only mean the driver did not bother to get off his truck and knock on our door to deliver.
  • Despite it's clearly the driver not doing all he can to deliver the package, UPS will instead defend its employee rather than do all it can to satisfy a customer who paid for their services. They rather rudely suggest to me that I should go to their delivery center and pick up our packages which should have been delivered to us in the first place, as it's their job to do so.
  • Despite a request to change the delivery address (because their delivery schedule means that nobody is home at the time of attempted delivery), UPS somehow botches things and do not record the request to change on anything other than their online tracking system; what happens then is that they keep on attempting delivery to my home address, instead to the alternate address specified in the request to change delivery address.
I don't know why my experience with UPS has been so negative; sometimes, I think the insane thought and indulge in a paranoid delusion, that UPS is singling me out to aggravate just me. How else can a company this huge stay in business and have great relationships with corporate entities, when they put the shaft to average Joes like me?

I have dealt with no other company like UPS; this is the only company that I've had to repeatedly call their "Customer Service" number just to get what I paid for.

I can hear some of you say now: "Why keep on doing business with UPS, with such a lamentable litany of bad service with them?" When I have a choice between using UPS and other carriers, I always choose the alternative, even when it's less expensive to go with UPS. But other times, I'm completely at the mercy of the seller, who ships everything via UPS. In such cases, I'm up the brown creek with no paddle.

Or a gas mask with stench filter.

"What can brown do for you?"

Just remember that :turd: is often brown...


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