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Ffffff Or Why I Hate Old Equipment

So part of my ongoing computer modification project doesn't actually include my computer mod, but all the other computers in my household. I recently upgraded the graphics card in my younger sister's Phenom x4 and modified her HP OEM case to address her long-standing issue with overheating.

I took apart an older Acer, my mother's computer, and put it back together only to find that while power was being received, there was no picture. I removed the after market Nvidia and went back to the on board card, with the same issues.

I've been fighting off ye olde office illness, where one person in my department came in sick and now we all have it, so my patience with trying to sift through unanswered barely-intelligible support posts on Google was wearing thin. I attempted to ask OCN for their thoughts, only to receive no replies. Granted, it's not this community's job to do my troubleshooting, but that's neither here nor there.

So I took the whole blasted thing down to its organs and strung it across the dining room table to test every bit and piece individually whilst making a valiant effort not to sneeze all over the motherboard. It did come on eventually, but the hard drive failed. Time for a new OS....only the ancient DVD-R won't read my copy of Windows 7.

This is where if it had been anyone else's pc, I would have loaded up pendrive linux and called it a day. But this is my mother. The mere thought of anything besides windows causes her to sense change and key up defense mechanisms. That, and her taste for dollar-bin puzzle games just seems like more trouble to marry to linux than its worth.

So between doses of 'Tussin and idle threats to bludgeon my co-workers muttered under my breath, I spent my evening attempting to and repeatedly failing at creating a bootable pendrive of Win7. When I finally did get the derned thing to boot, of course, the elderly Seagate HDD just won't get into setup.

The pros:
  • I don't have to buy a new motherboard
  • Windows ME has finally been purged from my household

The cons:
  • I don't have to buy a new motherboard
  • I still have to address the hard drive
  • My sister still has a nicer processor than me

I hate old equipment.


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