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Fifteen Daily Nibbles February 24 2009

Fifteen bite-sized morsels for thought:
  • To mangle a well-known saying, "Kids: You can't live with them; you can't live without them; you can't make them listen to you, either."
  • OCN is like a mirror for me, in that in the myriad youth I meet within its confines I see a reflection of many facets of my younger self.
  • Images on any mirror are forever in flux; all it takes is the will to change.
  • The best leaders are like cream: They seemingly just naturally rise to the top.
  • The term "making love" is far more wise and profound and insightful than it can ever be construed as salacious.
  • It is simply the height of arrogance to believe that there are no limits to anything.
  • When the shadow is darkest is when the light can be the most bright.
  • Overclocking as we know it is coming to an end...
  • Formula One... how I love thee...
  • A word of kindness is an easy gift to give to someone.
  • Simplicity is under-rated.
  • Kane was far more awesome when he wore his mask.
  • Something an old creative writing professor told me that has never left me is this maxim: "Show; don't tell."
  • I feel overjoyed when I see OCN's blog section so active these days, and with so many big-spirited, big-hearted people.
  • My hands miss my guitars... Too bad I live in an apartment complex where the walls are too thin.

Be good, everyone.


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Overclock.net › Member Blogs › Fifteen Daily Nibbles February 24 2009