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Fifteen Daily Nibbles February 25 2009

Today's serving of fifteen hopefully delectable (not to mention digestible) morsels for thought:
  • Today marks the twenty-third anniversary of the historic bloodless "People Power Revolution" in the Philippines (where I was born). The event brought to an end Ferdinand Marcos' dictatorship; unfortunately, the country is in a much more sorry state today than it ever was.
  • Wisdom > knowledge. Right?
  • Nothing is ever black or white; there are only infinite shades of gray (please ignore the irony of this statement, if you see it).
  • I mistrust many things that are popular (LOST notwithstanding, though the way the story has progressed the last season and a half is giving me yet more fodder for this mistrust...).
  • Black is a great color on most cars (especially when the car is clean).
  • Black is a terrible color on most cars (because it's impossible to always keep the car clean).
  • I have never understood, nor will I ever understand, why Tiger Woods is such a popular sports figure...
  • If golf is considered an athletic event, why are racing drivers (especially the pilotes in Formula One) and road racing cyclists sometimes not considered to be "true athletes"?
  • The "Core Race" will eventually lead to the death of overclocking as we know it.
  • Can the software side of personal computing catch up to the incredible lead that the hardware side presently has?
  • ESPN is evil...
  • "Ridiculous" is a horrendously misused adjective, even if done so intentionally (as by idiots like Trey Wingo -- at least I think he's doing this intentionally to spawn another ridiculous ESPN fad). "Ridiculous" means "subject to or deserving of ridicule;" it emphatically does not mean "awesome."
  • Barre chord shapes are tough for me to play.
  • Today's Word of the Day: Assiduous.
  • I have nurtured a very deep and long-lasting lust for... a Gretsch 6120.

Play nice, kids!


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