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Fifteen Daily Nibbles February 27 2009

Here, hot off the stove, is today's serving of finger foods for thought.
  • The best journeys we all should take are those which take us from the battleground to common ground.
  • Today's Giant of Literature is Mark Twain.
  • For people who work a typical full-time schedule (40-hour workweek = 5 x 8-hour workday), "Friday" is always the last day of the workweek... even if "Friday" doesn't fall on a Friday.
  • txtmstrjoe's Girl Friday You May Not Know About is Michele Boyd.
  • Quality > Quantity, for me.
  • For many greats (in whatever field or endeavor), to die young and in your prime is a guarantee of some measure of immortality.
  • Today's Friday KLASSIK is Antonio Vivaldi's Le quattro staggioni(The Four Seasons)
  • In the realm that is the internet, everyone wears a mask; the interesting phenomenon is that there are people whose masks are intended to obscure their real selves, yet reveal more than they can ever hide.
  • Thanks to catmmm's comments to one of my recent blog entries, I have very good reason to suspect that I am chronically dehydrated.
  • The wail of a 3.0L Ferrari Formula One V12 in top gear at 16000RPMs is music to me.
  • txtmstrjoe's Friday Movie You May Have Never Seen Before is John Frankenheimer's classic Grand Prix.
  • Amongst certain groups of car enthusiasts, it is said that there are only two manufacturers who know how to design automotive engines: Ferrari and Honda.
  • A dear old friend sent me this, a saying attributed to today's Giant of Literature no less: If you don't read the newspaper, you are uninformed; if you do read the newspaper, you are misinformed. -- Mark Twain
  • The word of the day is: Eponymous.
  • I wish I was a professional test driver.

Good day to y'all!


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