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Fifteen Daily Nibbles March 2 2009

Here is today's heaping helping of hopefully helpful and thought-provoking hors d'oeuvres for the mind:
  • I feel almost zero motivation to work on a couple of PCs at home which are in various states of incompleteness.
  • Today's Giant of Literature is Joseph Campbell.
  • Most of my creative energies are flowing towards my still-growing fan fiction novella based on the mid-1980s television saga "V."
  • I shall not soon forget something that an old creative writing professor once told his class: "When writing fiction, concentrate on writing scenes of conflict; conflict is always interesting."
  • Today's Favorite Piece of PC Hardware is the Western Digital 300GB VelociRaptor HDD.
  • Verbs are far more dynamic than nouns.
  • I have long been in love with words...
  • Anarchy should never be mistaken for freedom.
  • I'm finding it difficult to totally abstain from soda (which really rams home the idea that I am addicted to it).
  • Today's Song You May Have Never Heard Before is Bryan Adams' "Into the Fire."
  • I don't understand why music videos are necessary to appreciate a song (or, why do you have to watch a video to listen to the song?).
  • A people's relationship with its myths is symbiotic.
  • A dear old friend sent me this: Suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were a member of Congress. But then I repeat myself. -- Mark Twain.
  • The word of the day is: Gristle.
  • I wonder if this blog entry's readers will fixate on just one part of it again.

Be kind and rewind, kids!


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