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Fifteen Daily Nibbles March 3 2009

Tuesday's tray of tasty treats for your mind to chew on:
  • The scars we earn on our own individual quests for wisdom read like a map in a jungle of struggles and choices.
  • Today's Giant of Literature is Roland Barthes.
  • I miss my little nephews so much (they live in Vancouver, B.C., Canada).
  • Money can buy lots of things; it can't buy class nor common sense, unfortunately.
  • Today's Random Song Lyric is: Because you're sweet and lovely, girl, I love you. -- "For You Blue," The Beatles (George Harrison)
  • Contrary to expectations, a person's age is not directly proportional to how much wisdom he or she has earned.
  • Human nature is, in many ways, ANTI-NATURE.
  • The use of legalese ought to be illegal, if only because it serves to obfuscate and confuse instead of illuminate and clarify.
  • The technological race to squeeze ever more processing cores into a single-CPU package will kill the art of overclocking for all but the most affluent PC enthusiasts.
  • More signs of Joe's addiction to soda?: Despite having slept really well and having lots of water to drink, I presently have a headache, and I think about having a can of soda from time to time.
  • Speaking purely for myself, a music video is as useful for appreciating music as an ashtray is on a motorcycle.
  • Too many people care far too much about winning than for having played the game well.
  • A dear old friend sent me this: I contend that for a nation to try to tax itself into prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket and trying to lift himself up by the handle. -- Winston Churchill
  • The word of the day is: Igneous.
  • The fingers on my left hand sometimes unconsciously makes chord shapes on a flat surface.

Be all that you can be today!


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